• Fire Sprinklers

    Safe Life, Safe Property!.

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  • Fire Sprinklers
    Safe Life, Safe Property!
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Our team of design engineers with extensive experience in the field proven design of fire protection systems supported by specialized software generation is our perfect formula that ensures accurate results and professionalism regardless of the complexity of the project.

In Fire Protection Hernández know little or no use of good design if the installation of the system is inadequate, so it has implemented a process for ensuring the correct and proper installation of fire systems adapting to international standards certifying results 100 % effective.

An emergency at any place, any time that is why our technical repair team is ready to take any emergency project to ensure the integrity of both the company and the staff working on it. Our extensive portfolio of satisfied customers leave us ufanarnos excellent results.

Whether expansion or remodeling at some point in the history of our company is a primary need to relocate all or part of our fire and this project will require the full commitment and extensive experience proven. Our team is highly trained to take this project with all the commitment, demonstrating the extensive experience and providing excellent results.

Periodically inspect firefighting equipment, is vital to prevent any loss, that's why our Inspections Department is fully trained to prepare comprehensive reports and control programs based on the requirements of the NFPA, Firefighters and insurance companies.

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Hernández Fire Protection, Inc. since its inception in 2010, recognized in the domestic market is a strong tendency to inter mediation, with a high participation of intermediary agents to implement a project of fire safety.

The success of this new concept of business development, was reflected in the rapid growth of the company, which allowed to place our company in a very short time between the leading companies in the market.


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